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The most convenient way of setting up a travel agency business in Europe is developing a travel portal. These are platforms that you can use as an open marketplace to reach out to millions of potential customers who are seeking easier modes of buying travel products as opposed to the traditional travel agencies. Travelers visiting countries like Spain find portals a much better solution to their travel plans.

Spain is a country that has beauty stored in different corners. Travelers who come to Spain ensure to visit some of the spectacular cities and towns that the country has to offer. These include Ronda, Cadaques, Galera, Bilbao, Huesca, Valencia, Santillana Del Mar, Seville, Segovia, Barcelona, and Madrid. The best route that travel operators can take to cater to the huge number of visitors to Spain is through the online market.

Why Travel Portal Solution in Spain?

Travel portals provide many different opportunities to travel operators for the success of their business. You can explore a huge number of travel start-ups ideas in Europe with efficient portals, like the ones that Trip Mega Mart designs. But it is important to check that the portal has the important features.

  • Map Integration - when customers try to locate a hotel on your portal, they must be guided by a map. This makes it convenient for the customers to know the exact location and find nearby restaurants or tourist spots. They can also use the map and find other hotels in the same location at a better price.
  • Clean Interface - your portal must have a user-friendly interface that can provide customers with a smooth experience in making purchases on your website. An efficient travel technology solution in Europe would also allow you to design your portal for smart devices.
  • Predictive Search - enabling predictive searches on the portal help customers to find their desired product without having to type the complete detail. This saves the search time of travelers, especially when they conduct a repetitive search of a place or hotel.
  • Wallet - another interesting feature of travel portals is their in-built wallet. Customers can deposit any amount in the wallet and use it for cashless payments. You can also issue refund to customers in the wallet for any cancelled service.

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in Europe

While travel portals are loaded with several useful features, white label makes the portals easier to operate from. When you opt for B2C white label travel portal development in Europe, you can offer plenty of services to travelers on a pre-designed template that you can customize with website development companies like Trip Mega Mart being white label, you can start from the integration process rather than starting from the scratch. This cuts down on the time as well as money required to build the website.

Here are some of the other benefits that you get from a travel portal.

  • Flight Reservation: Using a GDS flight API integration in Europe, you can offer ticket booking facility to the travelers availing your services. The customers can view current availability status of different airlines and also compare the air fare. You can hire Trip Mega Mart and integrate your website with the top GDS providers like Amadeus and Galileo.
  • Hotel Reservation: Flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in Europe is one of the most sought-after services that agents approach the development companies for. In addition to airlines, finding suitable accommodations are the priority of travelers. Travel portals makes it easier for customers to locate hotels in their desired area. Customers can compare the rate of various hotels at a specific location and pick the one that suits them best. This means you have a better chance of hitting a sale from each potential customer.
  • Package Deals: Travel website development in Europe can help you to serve as the best provider of holiday packages in the travel industry. This becomes possible due to the integration of advanced technologies to the website. You can host different deals on the travel products and quote competitive prices. You can also post information about the upcoming deals on the portal.
  • Payment Gateways: When travelers purchase a product from a travel portal, they get the option of paying directly on the platform without being directed to a third party portal. This makes your brand appear trustworthy, while also ensuring that there is no lost sales opportunity. Collaborate with the top travel portal developers in Europe, such as Trip Mega Mart, and give your customers the security of a reliable payment gateway.

These are a few of the several advantages that you can enjoy with travel portals when looking to start travel agency business in Europe. Trip Mega Mart is a skilled portal development company that you can partner with and get the best out of this useful platform.

Travel Portal Solution In Spain

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