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The historic castles and beautiful landscapes of the UK leaves a lasting impression on travelers such that they keep visiting the land time and again. This makes tourism an integral part of the economy of the country. Some of the most explored cities and towns of the UK include London, Norwich, Bath, Cambridge, Brighton, Durham, and Bristol. You can find a huge number of tourists for your business in places like these if you are willing to start travel agency business in Europe. But to truly succeed in the business, you will need the benefits of an online market.

How to Start International Travel Agency Business in Europe?

Starting a travel agency will require finding your niche, based on which you can develop your business goals and make a coat estimation. In addition to that, you will need to comply with the regulations laid down by the UK government. You will also need to obtain the necessary licenses. For instance, if you wish to sell airline tickets on your portal, then Air Travel Organizer's Licensing (ATOL) will be necessary. However, if you only intend to sell holiday packages without flight booking facilities, then you will need a membership to the Association of British Travel Agents. Once you complete the legal formalities, you can turn towards portal development.

Features of Travel Portals

Travel portals have a number of significant features that makes travel portal development in Europe a compulsory service for agents. You can get a thorough knowledge about the essential features of portals from expert companies like Trip Mega Mart.

  • Easy Login: You can make separate dashboards on your portal for guests and administrators. You can check details on booking at the customer's end and verify or track the same on your end. This will help you to maintain a record of all the transactions so that you can make growth-driven decisions for your business.
  • Hotel and Flight Booking: By integrating flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in Europe, you can offer booking facilities to the customers. Travelers can check the hotels or airlines of their choices on your portal and make reservations on the preferred dates. Being connected to GDS, the portal will allow travelers to search through a huge database and choose the ones that suit them. With Trip Mega Mart, you can partner with the leading GDS providers in the market.
  • In-built Notifications: You can use the portal to keep your customers updated about the current deals, future trips, changes in booking, cancellation of any service, or any other details related to your business or the tour of the customer. This helps in maintaining transparency with the customer and reducing chances of customer complaints.
  • Advanced Search Options: Travel portals can provide customers with organized search results to ensure they can obtain the desired information with minimum effort. Using features like predictive search and highlights, you can ensure that the customers spend less time in finding the ideal product on your website. Trip Mega Mart can design your portal to meet all these required features.

Benefits of Travel Portal Solution in United Kingdom

With so many available features, travel portals offer plenty of advantages to its users. Opting for a white label website will prove to be more useful as you do not need to invest in the process from the beginning. You can simply integrate your website to the white label portal and start your business. Here are the key benefits of white label travel portal in Europe.

  • Cloud Hosting - storing data and retrieving them becomes way too easy with cloud based travel portals. You can access your company transactions anytime. You can store a huge amount of data without having to lose them. Moreover, you can have all members of your team on the same page with a single cloud platform.
  • Automation - travel portals automate a lot many tasks, which makes administering the business hassle free. You can operate faster and with less human resources due to automation.
  • Economical - with less resources to spend on and more features to work with, travel portals are definitely a cost effective travel technology solution in Europe.
  • Diverse Products - travel portals make it possible to sell different travel products. Using skilled developers like Trip Mega Mart, you can collaborate with flight & hotel aggregators for travel agents in Europe and let your customers avail these services on your portal.
  • More Customers - you can easily gain new customers with travel portals. Your presence on the internet will allow travelers to know about your services. You can post customer feedback on your portal so that the potential ones can gain confidence in your brand.

So, to start travel agency business online in Europe, you will necessarily need a good team of developers who can ensure that you get all the benefits of the portal. With Trip Mega Mart you can get a well-functioning travel portal with features like notification, dashboards, and connectivity to the cloud. 

Travel Portal Solution In United Kingdom

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