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France is a European country that attracts millions of tourists here with its magnificent landscapes and beautiful architecture. Paris, Cannes, Bordeaux, Marseille, Limoges, and Nice are some of the popular cities in France where travel operators find great scopes to make revenues. But to start travel agency business in Europe, you need to have visibility over the internet to grab the huge customer base that the internet supports. This is where travel portals can come to use for the success of your business. 

How to Start Travel Business Online in Europe?

  • Before you gear up for a travel agency business in France, know about the types of operators that function in the country. You can work as an outbound operator and organize trips for customers outside France. Or, you can act as an inbound operator and sell tours within France.
  • The first and most crucial step in starting your business is to choose a business form. You can choose from many different types of entities. However, for France, sole proprietorship works best due to the simplicity in obtaining this. You can opt for sole proprietorship if you have a residence permit. Partnership is another popular business form which you can go for if you have a French partner in your business. You can also opt for a private limited liability company.
  • The next step in setting up a travel agency business in Europe is obtaining a license. You need to register with the European Union authorities to ensure you comply with the EU laws. The Tourism law of France urges travel agents to provide travelers with the details of accommodation, trip duration, itinerary, and other applicable services. If you intend to incorporate to your website a Flight Reservation System in Europe, you will need to obtain a license from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The documents that you will need to submit for the IATA license include your Registration Certificate, application form, bank statement, and Articles of Association. In addition to these, you must also have insurance from any of the French insurance companies.
  • After registration and license the next important thing to consider is travel website development in Europe. You can choose any online platform for your business depending on your target customer. If you want to avail your services to other businesses, then B2B white label travel portal development in Europe will be the right choice. For selling travel products directly to travelers you will need a B2B platform. Trip Mega Mart can provide you with the required assistance in determining the ideal domain for your business.

How to Get a Travel Portal Solution in France?

Getting a travel portal is easy with industry experts like Trip Mega Mart. You do not need technical knowledge to build the website. You can hire travel portal developers in Europe for the development process. Here are some of the features of travel portals that you can make use of in your travel business.

  • Multilingual: You can provide accessibility of your website to international travelers using the option of multiple languages. This is a great feature for pulling in customers from different regions and ensuring that your company is known far and wide.
  • Reliable Payment Gateway: An important aspect of travel portals is that travelers can pay for their bookings instantly using their card or bank details. But it is equally important that the gateway is safe so that your customers do not face any issue with their financial transactions. This is why professional web development companies like Trip Mega Mart ensure that the gateway is well-protected with advanced technological means.
  • Notifications: Travel portals make planning trips extremely convenient for customers with features like notification emails or text messages. You can keep your customers updated about their upcoming trips and send them notifications through their preferred medium. This will help the customers to stay prepared for their journey, while also reducing the chances of you to lose on a sale.

Benefits of Travel technology Solution in Europe

Know the various ways that the portal developers can help you with.

  • Full control of the user interface, which will let you use GDS flight API integration in Europe or any other APIs and determine the product and prices.
  • Readily available portal design with all essential features loaded to let you begin the journey of your business with no delays.
  • Personalize your brand by customizing the layout of the website and making it suitable for your business.

So, you can start travel agency business online in Europe with an appropriate development company. You can rely on Trip Mega Mart for an effective online solution to your travel business. Once you register the company and obtain an efficient portal, starting your travel business in France will not be difficult.

Travel Portal Solution In France

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