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Spain is a beautiful country with a rich history. Madrid, Granada, Seville, Valencia are some of the most stunning places in the world to spend a few days soaking in the sun. Vacationers from all over Europe and even from all over the world flock o these cities in large numbers every single year. As a result a booming tourism industry has developed in Spain that employs a large number of Spanish citizens and contributes to the country’s GDP. Now, another sector has started to emerge in this field of industry – online travel portals are cropping up in large numbers and serving international tourists from all over the world.

Start travel agency business in Europe- create your own online travel portal

  • Starting an online travel business in Europe is not very difficult in this digital age. Entrepreneurs need not have technical knowledge of software coding in order to develop or supervise the development of their website. They can purchase pre-built white label travel portals to kick-start their online business.
  • Trip Mega Mart is one of the most affordable and highly rated companies for white label travel portal development for travel agencies in Spain. Their websites have GDS flight API integration in Europe which allows the business to display real time data from a number of different sources. Flight details and ticket availability of different airline carriers are displayed on the travel portal allowing for quick and easy confirmed bookings.
  • Trip Mega Mart uses the best API supplier in the international market. Trip Mega Mart travel technology solution in Europe also includes flight and hotel booking engines, car rental reservation systems and tour package booking systems.
  • Besides these travel functionalities Trip Mega Mart also provides some operational solutions for business owners. Trip Mega Mart B2B/ B2C white label travel portal development in Europe is fully scalable. The same website can go from being regionally operational to international depending on the preference of the business owner.
  • The website also has high levels of admin access so that business owners can make their own minor changes to the front end of the website without having to constantly contact software developers. Trip Mega Mart travel portal developers in Europe also ensures that their websites are optimized for all kinds of devices. Computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets all give the same level of performance for customers.
  • But one of the most important features of Trip Mega Mart websites is their payment portals. These portals are encrypted for complete user safety, but the high speed and responsiveness of transactions are also kept in mind. Third-party payment portals can also be very easily integrated into the websites without much effort from the developers making Trip Mega Mart a top choice against all tech professionals.

Aesthetics of online travel portal development: 

  • Trip Mega Mart websites also provide impeccable visuals in order to engage and retain customers. Each website is individually customized with the personal business branding. Other basic changes to colors and layout can be requested by clients.
  • There are signature elements to each website that make the websites very easy to market. Individuality is very important for businesses in the online sector because competition is intense and it’s important to stand out from all rivals.
  • But the designers at Trip Mega Mart never lose track of their primary objective- to make user-friendly interfaces. All Trip Mega Mart websites are designed to be intuitive- even people with very little experience of handling online platforms will be able to use these websites intuitively.

Basic expenditure for international travel portal development in Europe

  • Trip Mega Mart is a very affordable white label travel portal development company in Europe. They have a variety of products available at different price points. Preliminary customizations are included in the packages, but additional customizations require extra payment. Individual travel agent portals can also be added with additional fee payment.
  • There is also an annual website maintenance cost for all customers. This cost is 15% of the basic package. Most clients are able to earn much more from their website and are able to easily cover this maintenance cost. The cost covers API supplier costs as well.
  • Travel businesses are very lucrative but there are a number of costs involved in starting a traditional travel agency. Most entrepreneurs beginning a startup do not have the funds to set up a traditional office and hire employees. A much easier solution for them is to start an online travel portal from home. These are low investment business plans that guarantee almost the same levels of profits. In order to be successful business owners just have to come up with smart marketing plans to drive customers to their site.
  • Trip Mega Mart websites have all aspects of customer experience covered; business owners only have to contribute their marketing skills. The websites are also designed to handle high traffic volumes without any glitches or breakdowns. So, if you are planning to help more people explore the beauty of the Spanish countryside then it may be time for you to make a call to Trip Mega Mart. Your business plan can be set in motion and delivered to you in just a few days.

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